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Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PTS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris

Andelina.me - senantiasa selalu diberikan kesehatan, Aamiin. Pada artikel ini kamu akan mengetahui lebih banyak tentang Bahasa Inggris Bank Soal Soal Dan Kunci Jawaban, mengenai Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PTS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris. Untuk lebih jelasnya simak ulasan lengkap di bawah ini.
Soal dan Kunci Jawaban PTS Ganjil Bahasa Inggris

1. Bryan : Nugy, where are you?
   Nugy : I’m in the house. What’s matter?
   Bryan : oh _____________ .
   Nugy : I’d like to help you. For what?
A. Would you like some help?
B. Sorry, I can’t help you
C. Could I possibly ask you to help me?
D. Let me help you

2. The underlined sentence express ...
Romy : May I help you ?
Deny : Hmmm. Don’t bother yourself, thanks. 
A. Asking help
B. Giving help
C. Offering help
D. Refusing an offer

3. Complete the dialogue below.
Elsa: Will you help me to build a snowman?
Olaf: Yes, of course. _____ .
A. I won’t  
B. I will
C. I will not    
D. Will I?

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 4 and 5) 
Mr Iqbal : Jon, come here please!
Andy : Yes, sir. I'm coming.
Mr Iqbal : (4) __________ the goods to the shop, please?
Andy : With pleasure, sir.
Mr Iqbal : Don't forget to put into the correct case!
Andy : (5) ______, sir.
Mr Iqbal : Thanks.

4. The suitable expression is ....
A. Can you bring
B. Can I bring
C. May I bring
D. Don't bring

5. The suitable expression is ....
A. Sorry, I can't
B. I wish I could help you
C. I'm bussy
D. Don't worry 

6. Jane : You look pale. 
  Jim : I've got a serious headache.
  Jane : ....................
A. Let me take you to the restaurant.
B. What about a glass of avocado juice?
C. Let me take you to the hospital.
D. Would you like fried or steamed chicken?

7. Tom : This question is so difficult to answer.
  Jerry : ............................
A. Just don't answer it.
B. Let's stop studying and go playing.
C. Would you like a cup of coffee?
D. Let me help you working on it.

8. Mike : Oh my God, I left my book at home.
  Dave : ...........................
A. Shall I take it for you?
B. Just forget it.
C. Let me take you to school.
D. I'll treat you chicken noodles.

9. Steve : I don't understand chemistry at all.
  Banner: .................................
A. How about having dinner with me?
B. How about going to the beach?
C. How about studying together with me? 
D. How about calling the police?

10. Natasha: I want to go shopping but I don't have any vehicle.
   Wanda : .................................
A. Shall I take you to the hospital with my car?
B. Shall I take you to the school with my car?
C. Shall I take you to the market with my car?
D. Shall I take to the zoo with my car?

11. May : Ah, these books are so heavy.
   Ethan: .................................
A. Let me help you throwing them away.
B. Let me help you sorting them.
C. Let me help you cleaning them.
D. Let me help you carrying them.

12. Jack : Why don’t you go to the mall with your friends?
   Lolly   : …
   Jack : How can you be sure?
   Lolly : It’s dark and cloudy and the sun doesn’t shine brightly.
A. I don’t like shopping.  
B. I am not okay without it.  
C. I’m not sure what to do at the mall.
D. It’s likely going to rain this evening.

13. Tono : You look so busy. I can help you if you need it.
   Alice : Just what I need. 
   Tono : ...
   Alice : Yes, please. I need ten sets for the meeting.
A. Can I help you to buy some books?  
B. Would you like me to get you some paper?  
C. Shall I copy this document for you?
D. May I offer you some good advices?

14. Gissel : What do you think about the singing competition program on television?
   Gading : I think it’s good for young people to compete to be a famous singer. 
   Olga : … I like to watch news program on television.
A. I like to sing English songs.   
B. The singers sing the songs well.  .
C. The competition is interesting
D. I don’t think I care for it

15. Woman  : Would you like to order one of our guests’ favourite menu?
   Man  : …
   Woman  : The fish with mushrooms is very good. But it’s cooked fresh, so there’s fifteen- minute wait.
   Man : I don’t mind. I’d like to try the fish. I’ll just sit here with a drink while I wait. 
A. What do you want to eat?   
B. What is your own favourite food?  
C. What is your suggestion?
D. What can I do for you?

16. Dave  : So what do you think of my singing?
   John  : It's really good, but I suggest to try singing in a high tune.
   Dave  : Thanks, John.
   John  : No problem, Dave!
   From the dialogue above, Dave is... 
A. Asking for help   
B. Giving an opinion   
C. Asking for an opinion
D. Giving help

17.  Arum : What do you think is the effective way to reduce global warming?
 Della : … planting trees is one of the effective ways to reduce global warming.
A. I don’t know 
B. I’m not sure 
C. In my opinion
D. Are you certain that

18. Student  : Is it okay to leave a bicycle in a hallway?
 Teacher : No, it isn’t. Leave it over there, near the gate
 The underlined utterance is used for …
A. Offering help
B. Expressing dislikes
C.   Introducing others
D.   Giving suggestion

19. Dirk : Can you give me an opinion about my sculpture? 
 Jake : Sure thing! I think you should have had fixed the hand. 
 Dirk : Thanks, Jake. 
 Jake: No problem!
 From the dialogue above, Dirk is...
A. Asking for help 
B. Giving help 
C. Giving opinion 
D. Asking for an opinion

20. Bowo : I feel tired and I feel dizzy.
   Sri  : I think …. Don’t leave the bed if it is not necessary.
   Complete the dialogue above ....
A. You must sing
B. You should lie down and have some rest
C. You can see the doctor tonight
D. I will take you to the hospital

21. Mita  : What do you think about the fairy?
   Bayu : I think she deserves to return to heaven
   We can conclude that Mita is …
A. Asking for information from Bayu
B.   Asking Bayu’s opinion
C.   Giving her opinion to Bayu
D.   Agreeing with Bayu’s opinion

22. Melly : I like to stay in villages. The air is fresh.
   Lela  : me, too
   We can conclude that Melly is expressing ….
A. Apology
B. Sympathy
C. Love
D. Opinion

23. Rani : Finally, it’s break time ….a cup of coffee?
   Yudi : That’s very nice of you
A.   Shall I have
B.   May you get me
C.   May I offer some help to get
D.   Would you like me to get you

24 . Joko   :  What can I do for you?
 Eni :  “……..it is very hot.”
A.  move type tape redorder 
B.  that’s all 
C.  open the window, please
D.  take out the dog

Text 1 (for question number 25-27)
Amelia and Ahmet are talking about tomorrow’s world. Amelia is a Pessimist; she thinks the world is getting worse. But Ahmed is an optimist; he thinks it is getting better. Here are their opinions about it.
Amelia : Do you really think the world is improving every year?
Ahmed : yes I do. I think that science is making us wiser.
Amelia : But I don’t believe that
Ahmed : I believe industry is making us wealthier
Amelia : I don’t think so.
Ahmed : And it is my opinion that medicine is making us healthier.
Amelia : That may be true, but we are all miserable than ever, aren’t we?
Ahmed : I don’t believe that, in my opinion we are healthier, wealthier and wiser than we were a hundred years ago.
Amelia : That is your opinion, not mine.
25. What are Amelia and Ahmed talking about?
A. They talking about tommorow’s world  
B. They talking about lesson  
C. They talking about their friend
D. They talking about sport

26. What kind of person is Amelia?
A. Pessimist   
B. Optimist 
C. Interesting
D. Friendly

27. In Ahmed opinion, what makes a man healthier?
A. Medicine
B. Industry 
C. Science
D. People

Text 2 (for question number 28-30) 
Sifa : What do you think about Lampung?
Lisa  : In my opinion, Lampung is beautiful city. There are so many beautiful beaches there. Lampung is also famous with its tapis or songket. It is traditional cloth in Lampung.
Sifa : How about its food? Do you think it is delicious?
Lisa : I think … yes! Do you know seruit? It is delicious
Sifa : Yes I know seruit. By the way… Which one is more delicious? Seruit or sate of mushroom?
Lisa : According to me, seruit is more delicious than sate of mushroom.
Sifa  : I don’t think so. I think taste of mushroom is more delicious than seruit because sate of mushroom is my favourite food.
Lisa : So we have different favourite foods then
Sifa : I think so.

28. What does Lisa think about Lampung?
A. It is a beautiful city
B. It is the ugly city
C. It is a city full of crime
D. It is a small city

29. What is songket?
A. Traditional dance from Lampung
B. Traditional clothes from Lampung
C. Traditional ritual from Lampung
D. Traditional food from Lampung

30. What kind of food liked by Lisa according to the dialogue above?
A. Seruit 
B. Mushroom satay 
C. Soup
D. Burger
Read the dialogue below carefully. It is a conversation using expression of making a phone call.
Edi : Hello Dad, it's me, Edi. Are you busy right now? I need your help.
Mr. Ab i: Hello, Edi. No, I'm free now. I have just finished my afternoon meeting. I will go home soon. What's the matter, Son?
Edi : Great. Can you pick me up at school? My bicycle is broken. Mom is attending a community meeting and she cannot pick me up.
Mr. Abi : Sure. I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Please wait for me inside the school gate. 
Edi : OK, I will. What about my bicycle, Dad?
Mr. Abi : I will ask your uncle to pick it up and bring it to the garage near your school. See you later, Edi.
Edi : See you, Dad. Thank you very much.
Mr. Abi : You are welcome, Son. 

31. From the dialogue above we know that it is a conversation between .... and ....
A. a boy and his father
B. a boy and his uncle
C. a boy and his mother
D. a boy and his teacher

32. Why does Edi ask Mr. Abi to pick him up at his school?
A. Edi's father has just finished his afternoon meeting.
B. Edi's mother is not attending a community meeting.
C. Edi's bicycle is not broken.
D. Edi's bicycle cannot be used.

33. Why does Edi's mother cannot pick him up at his school?
A. Edi's mother has just finished her afternoon meeting.
B. Edi's mother is attending a community meeting.
C. Edi's mother will pick the bicycle from the school.
D. Edi's mother will go home soon.

34. Who will take the broken bicycle to the garage?
A. Edi's father.
B. Edi's mother.
C. Edi's uncle.
D. Edi's teacher.
35. How long does it take a trip from Mr. Abi office to Edi's school?
A. 5 minutes.
B. 15 minutes.
C. 25 minutes.
D. 50 minutes.

36. Caller : Hello. ...?
   Nita  : I'm sorry, he is out. Could you call back at four?
   Caller : All right. Thank you.
A. Could you speak to Mr. Aziz, please
B. Can I take a message from you
C. Could I speak to Mr. Aziz, please
D. Would you like to call him again    

37.  Raihana  : …
 Mrs. Anni : I’m afraid you have the wrong number, Miss
a.   Hello, is this Mrs. Ita’s house?
b.   Excuse me. Where is Mrs. Kim?
c.   Hello, who’s speaking, please?
d.   Could you tell me where your wife is?

Telephone Message
For : Mr. Graham
Date : 10/6/2000 Time: 12.00
From : Ms. Kim Beverly
Departure of Agriculture
Phone : 555-7501
Message : Please ring him. Urgent. Tell him If I have received his facsimile.

Taken by : Anita

Based on the telephone message form, who's the message for? It's for ...
A. Ms. Kim Beverly
B. Mr. Graham
C. Anita
D. Urgent

39. Reservation clerk : Elang Persada Airlines, good morning. May I help you?
 Arya Pamungkas : Yes, ...................next Tuesday afternoon?
 Reservation clerk : One moment, please…. Yes, there's a flight at 4:45 p.m. and one at 6:00 p.m.
A. do you have any flights to Pontianak
B. I'd like to reserve a room
C. Could you tell me how much a return flight costs?
D. You had reserved double rooms

40. Operator :Pemalang Hotel. Can I help you?
 Chandra : Good morning, . . .
 Operator : I’m sorry he’s out now. May I have your name, please?
 Chan : This is Chandra.
A. I want to see Mr.Andi.
B. Can I help you Mr.Andi?
C. I would like to meet Mr.Andi, please
D. Could you put me through to Mr.Andi, please?

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